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Project planning / technical clarification

In our initial contact with you, we clarify in detail what you need and what your exact requirements are. We take stock of the situation on your premises and view the actual conditions under which the machine solution has to work.

Concept development

We develop a concept that explains how the technical process of the machine will work. This is the basis on which the series and special machines will be built later on. This way, we can create a custom-tailored solution using the first-hand information you provide us. The concept provides information about the desired performance, the degree of automation, and which parts will be installed in the machine.

Offer preparation

On the basis of the concept, we prepare an offer that is precisely tailored to your requirements. All services to be provided by Schneider Technologies are specified by mutual consent. We pay special attention to communication at eye level and guarantee clearly defined goals.

Determination of layout

We use a layout to record how the finished machine can be integrated into the space available at your site. This ensures the optimal use of your space.



3D CAD design

We create a three-dimensional representation of the machine, including every sheet panel and every switch. Cable routes and energy supply systems are also preplanned in this step. For this purpose, we use the software solution SolidWorks.

FEM analysis

We use FEM analysis to find out the points at which high forces act on the machine. This allows us to make adjustments to the material and perform stress and endurance analysis to ensure the stability of the machine.

Robot simulations

The 3D data already created is loaded into the simulation program to determine and check accessibility for robots and cycle times. This simulation serves as the basis for subsequent robot programming carried out by our programming team. The robot can already pick up the motion data from the simulation.

Electrical planning

We plan the use of the components according to our specifications. We then build control cabinets and put them into operation. All the electronic requirements are integrated into our value chain from start to finish.

Technical documentation

Our technical documentation creates the basis for placing our machines on the market. Without this documentation, distributing the machines would not be allowed under European law. The finished document is a comprehensive declaration with operating instructions and can comprise several thousand pages.



CAD/CAM programming

The 3D model of a component serves us as a data core that is automatically loaded into our CAM program. The major advantage: This ensures that the data is always up to date, because it relates directly to the current design – with the design and manufacturing using the same data set.

5-axis milling up to 2,600 mm

We mill in a working range of 2,600 × 700 × 700 mm. For our milling work, we rely on traveling column milling machines and CNC milling machines.

Eroding, edge forming, turning, drilling, surface grinding

For eroding, we use the Matra-Fanuc a-1iB high-precision EDM machine with the coordinate paths: 550 × 370 mm and a max. workpiece height of 300 mm. For bending processes, we use our CNC press brakes with maximum pressure power up to 3,150 kN, maximum working length of 3,000 mm, and maximum stroke of 250 mm. Our conventional machining processes also include turning, drilling, and surface grinding. We perform all the work ourselves.

Welded constructions

We create special welded constructions and welded assemblies with unit weights of up to 15,000 kg. We are a welding specialist according to DIN EN 1090-2 and have the qualification certificate for the welding of railway vehicles and components according to EN 15085, certification level CL1. We also take charge of the coating of your parts:

  • Powder-coating or painting
  • Galvanic coatings
  • Hot-dip galvanizing


Assembly of components and machines

Once all parts of the machine are ready, it is assembled at Schneider Technologies.

Electrical installation

The next step is the installation of all electronic components and the necessary programming.

Commissioning and trial production

The machine is first commissioned at Schneider Technologies. You can also view the working machine. A trial production allows us to ensure jointly that all performance criteria are met.

Readiness for shipment / logistics / customs

Delivery specifications can vary greatly from place to place. For example, does the packing require specially impregnated wood to ensure the safe transport of the parts? We will take care of this as well as customs clearance. If you wish, we will also take responsibility for delivery to your works.



Setup & recommissioning

Our engineers, electronic technicians, and programmers assemble the machine at your site until it is ready for production and can be put into operation.

Test run / final acceptance

After recommissioning, we start a test run at your site. This way, we can verify together whether the machine does what it is supposed to do even under altered spatial conditions. We check and record whether all the services that were agreed upon have been performed.


After Sales / Service

Maintenance contracts

We offer individual maintenance contracts. Two-, three- or even four-shift maintenance, we match the interval and conditions to your needs.

Delivery of spare and wear parts

We offer you the possibility to purchase spare and wear parts from us. We also offer whole engines or individual cylinders.

Remote maintenance modules

With our remote maintenance modules we can always access the machines at your request and our electricians and programmers can make a first remote diagnosis. If differences between the original plan and a new working reality appear in the remote diagnosis, we can adjust and optimize the machines.

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