Exploit savings potential with assembly automation

Automation in the field of assembly offers numerous advantages. Such solutions reduce costs in the short term as well as the long term. At the same time, automation enables you to manufacture components or products with reproducibly high quality.

Assembly automation solutions almost always offer a great way to increase production capacity. And last but not least: In many cases, improving the ergonomic strain on employees fails to be taken into consideration when deciding on automated assembly systems, which can significantly reduce physical strain.

Increase quality of reproducible processes

Sebastian Spies

Sebastian Spies


High-performance and custom-tailored special machines.

To this day, and especially in the area of assembly, many processes are carried out manually – or are at least manually controlled. As a look at the general conditions shows: This is precisely where the huge potential of automation lies.

It is not uncommon for just a few significant modifications to processes to suffice in order to boost effectiveness – combined with considerable ways to reduce costs. Thanks to our many years of expertise in the execution of the necessary machines, we can already calculate during the planning phase how high these cost advantages will be in comparison to the use of conventional assembly methods.

Examples of assembly systems

Experience shows that the amortization of assembly automation increases the planning reliability of companies. In the following, we have prepared a brief, yet impressive example of an assembly automation system for you:

Machining and assembly system - Selector shaft

  • Base frame as stable welded construction
  • Linear transfer system
  • Manual feeding of selector shaft
  • Automatic feeding of attachments
  • Machining and assembly station, cotter pins

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