FFP2 masks Made in Germany

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Schneider Technologies has been working very detailed and conscientiously on the development of its own FFP2 protective mask and on the production technology required for it. Increase your efficiency with a mask machine classified as highly innovative by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy..

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Michael Heinl

Michael Heinl

Head of Sales PPE

The advantages of the FFP2 mask machine

  • Easily scalable modular system
  • High performance of up to 120 masks/min
  • Sensor-supported monitoring of non-woven fabric
  • Maximum hygiene due to unmanned operation
  • From the non-woven material to the packaging
  • Optional QM with camera system

100 million masks

The fruit of our engineering efforts is a fully automated, innovative mask production line with a capacity of up to 100 million FFP2 masks per year – leading the world in performance, degree of automation and output.


The plant technology was ranked as highly innovative by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), which therefore provided funding.

Making our customers more efficient

The rapid deployment of a fully automated production line for the folded mask type is a visible sign of our capabilities and exemplifies our mission to make our customers more efficient.

The FFP2 mask in detail

The design of the mask was developed in collaboration with ITA and RWTH Aachen University. The chin area was also considered in the mask design and is specially sealed.

A long and wide nose clip has been incorporated into the mask to better accommodate different nose contours and to allow increased tightness in the nose area. At the same time, the high elasticity of the ear band ensures optimal adaptation to any facial contour.

A special non-woven fabric layer creates a soft, supple, yet breathable mask with high wearing comfort.

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