Innovative, fully automatic production line

For particle-filtering masks

Schneider Technologies offers a newly developed production line for manufacturing and packaging respirator masks. These products can be used wherever particles need to be prevented from entering the lungs.

Full mask provision for specific population groups increases safety against infections or lung diseases. We use high-quality non-wovens, which are fully assembled and packaged in the machine.

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Made in Germany
Michael Heinl

Michael Heinl

Head of Sales PPE

Performance data of the mask­machine

Machines from Schneider Technologies impress with their productivity, efficiency, and consistent quality. They offer their users extensive performance parameters.

  1. Output: 120 masks per minute
  2. Quality: FFP2 and FFP3
  3. Hygiene: Optional individual packaging
  4. Efficiency: Foldable masks for minimal pack size
  5. Flexibility: Freely selectable design, optional customization

With these performance parameters, Schneider Technologies machines can meet any challenge. The production line is designed for 24/7 continuous operation. The line can thus adequately meet peaks in demand. It thus makes orders of any size deliverable in the shortest possible time.

First-class German workmanship for innovative masks

Our mask machines include a complete production line for manufacturing masks "Made in Germany". We develop and design our machines for the production of highly effective respirator masks in our own factory.

There, we test each machine to ensure its proper functioning, thereby prevent defects from the very first moment. With our highly qualified staff, we are able to tackle a wide variety of tasks. This enables us to create mask machines that are optimized for the real conditions prevailing at your site.

Optimized for non-wovens – with potential for more

The entire line is optimized for processing non-wovens into masks. However, by converting the machine, we can also optimize it for alternative products

A wide range of welded or joined products is possible, whether made of non-woven or plastic. This means that our machines can produce not only hygiene articles, but also packaging.

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