Chemical-free paint stripping

Inductive paint stripping – fast and environmentally friendly

If the paint of a vehicle or machine is damaged and there is a risk of rust, paint stripping must be carried out. In many cases, chemicals are used for this purpose, which entail health risks and endanger the environment.

We use no chemicals in our paint stripping systems and instead rely on conductive and inductive heating.

Chemical-free paint stripping suitable for a broad range of industries

Paint stripping and decoating through conductive and inductive heating are suitable for all companies looking for an efficient solution for removing paint coats from components without polluting the environment or putting the health of their employees at risk.

The main fields of application of our machines include:

  • Metal construction
  • Industrial sheet-metal working
  • Automotive industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Pipeline construction
Sebastian Spies

Sebastian Spies


How does inductive or conductive paint stripping work?

In inductive paint stripping, current is applied to a metallic component via electronic transmission. This causes an eddy current to form in the component, which results in the heating of the metal.

The inductive heating causes the paint to soften at the point of contact with the metal and lose its adhesion. The heated paint layer can be easily stripped away mechanically. Compared with alternative methods, this process significantly reduces the time required for decoating.

Conductive paint stripping basically works the same way. In this case, however, the workpiece forms part of a heater circuit via which it is heated.

Why is inductive or conductive paint stripping more environmentally friendly than chemical stripping?

Our processes offer several advantages over chemical paint stripping. On the one hand, there are significantly fewer vapors and toxic dust, and thus fewer health risks. On the other hand, the paint stripping or decoating process is highly energy-efficient.

Moreover, the only waste produced is the coating material, which can be optionally removed from the machine via an exhaust system or a paint residue conveyor.

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