Testing and marking systems

Ensure high security

Suspension springs are the link between the wheels and the chassis. They are among the most safety-critical components of a modern vehicle and influence handling, roadholding and braking behavior. Accurate testing and labeling are therefore essential to ensure the safety of the parts.

Fully automatic and semi-automatic systems are also available for the assembly of rubber bearings and clamps, in which defined test characteristics are monitored.

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Sebastian Spies

Sebastian Spies


Examples of our testing and marking systems

Test and marking line springs

  •     Integration into autom. production line
  •     Transfer of springs from paint shop
  •     2 x 4-fold portal loading system
  •     4-fold test press
  •     presses hydr. driven
  •     color coding and autom. deposit
  •     Tension and compression springs
  •     Conical springs
  •     left and right coiled
  •     wire thickness: Ø 8 - 20 mm
  •     spring diameter: Ø 80 - 200 mm
  •     Spring length: 150 mm - 600 mm

Testing and marking system springs

  • Manual loading and unloading
  • transport with linear transfer system
  • 2-fold test press (servo motorized)
  • Force-displacement testing
  • Laser measurement of coil position
  • Color marking
  • Marking (ink-jet)
  • Labeling (optional)

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