Products from fleece and plastic

Diverse, creative solutions are our core competence. For example, we have managed to develop a machine that can produce a wide variety of products from the field of non-wovens.

Whether hygiene articles, household items or packaging bags – a wide range of flat products made from either non-woven or plastic, either glued or welded, can be realized with our machine.

You want to produce something from non-woven or plastic?

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Michael Heinl

Michael Heinl

Head of Sales PPE

Incomparable cycle time

Our machine has an impressively a high cycle time. For example, it can produce 120 respirator masks per minute. Production is fully automated and requires virtually no personnel.

Flexible for your production

Thanks to a highly competent and well-honed team, we can react flexibly to current challenges. The rapid provision of a fully automated production line for non-woven products is a visible sign of our capabilities.

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